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Listen Again 2

Week Two



Joe Doyle spoke to Mum Jane Johnstone 23rd/04/2018


Niamh O’Connor talks to Karen Leigh of Sensational Kids 23rd/04/2018


Jack McCarthy talks to Charles Coyle of Tayto Park 23rd/04/2018


Jack McCarthy talks with Darren Byrne of Gheel Autism Services 23rd/04/2018


Joe Doyle talks to Theresa Finn & Angela Locke Reilly of ARK Midlands 23rd/04/2018 


Ken Kilbride talks to Mary Hayes of Irish Weighted Blankets 24th/04/2018


Ken Kilbride talks to Samantha Judge CEO of Autism Ireland 24th/04/2018


Audrey talks to Darren & Kelly of Nathan’s Biker Buddies 24th/04/2018 


Audrey talks to Deirdre Ryan of Lidl Ireland 24th/04/2018


Joe Doyle talks to Padraig Carter 25th/04/2018


Joe Doyle talks with Niall Murphy of Autism Ireland 25th/04/2018


Joe Doyle talks to Peter Brabazon of Specialisterne 25th/04/2018