About Us

Autism Radio is a not for profit Irish radio station that commenced  broadcasting for World Autism Awareness day on April 2nd 2018 for a week and again for a second week from Monday 23rd of April to Sunday 30th.

Autism Radio is a joint project between Heartbeat FM Radio Services and G4S Ireland.

G4S is the largest secure outsourcing company in the UK and Ireland. More than 10,000 customers, including 59 FTSE 100 companies, depend on G4S to provide them with a safe and secure way to deliver their services. Our desire to help our clients protect their business and create efficiencies has led us to develop a comprehensive service set. With our range of complementary services we are ideally positioned to be your complete services provide.

 Heartbeat FM Radio Services is an Irish based company that is providing the entire studio setup for Autism Radio. The company has worked with numerous community groups and voluntary organizations around the country.  For Autism Radio the company will provide all broadcasting related training and management free of charge.    

The station broadcast to Dublin and Cork from studio’s located in west Dublin. It is hoped that the station will return for a second license run in 2019. 

Broadcast Technical Services (BTS)

BTS was contracted to provide installation and maintenance of all STL and FM Transmission equipment needed for Autism Radio 2018 license run.  In addition, as part of their service, their responsibility incorporated all engineering administration with the BAI and COMREG on technical and frequency planning matters relating to Autism Radio if necessary. BTS staff are all trained to make the necessary repairs, measurements and adjustments of the transmission equipment as required and are fully insured and carry up-to-date H&S Safe Passes.

Broadcast Technical Services are the industry leader in Ireland and the UK with nearly 30 years experience behind them.